Quell All too Well

That’s right. The very act that created the shaky foundation which you’ve been slipping, sliding, not really gripping all this time, is the very tool needed to progress and strengthen.

By suppressing your feelings, emotions, etc.. all these years you’ve literally buried yourself under a mountain of lies and sadness in order to give the impression of happiness and wealth.

Now, that you’ve come this far in the process to be best you will need to experience situations or attitudes or anything that irks you or might provide you with the opportunity to make a decision with heart.

The way to break free from the ego’s strangle is to repress the ego itself and dissolve the initial retaliatory emotions that lack heart involvement.


My boss and I have a solid relationship. When I was promoted to a new aspect of the company that required me to completely adjust from what I was accustomed to doing to being what my boss was accustomed to. It was an extremely tenuous and tense few weeks for us both. Usually, I would cower, run, give in, or sabotage myself so I would no longer have to deal with the demands being dropped on me. Plus, all my co-workers were saying this and saying that, nothing bad, but nothing helpful.

This would normally debilitate my crushed ego built on the farce of inadequacy. However, I knew my boss was going through a sensitive and visibly stressful situation with his family, it wasn’t until later I found out the whole story, but I had a feeling. It wasn’t easy, but I was able to use compassion and understanding when I encountered my boss and made sure not to disrespect or demean him in any sense because what others perceived as my boss being unreasonable I was able to recognize as guidance and an opportunity to break my usual and rise to surpass. As a result he and I came to an altruistic and understanding common ground and I have profound respect for him. It takes someone very special to lead and be successful the way he has and I want to be the same.

I would not have been able to achieve any thoughts in the realm of compassion if I was unable to quell that old comfortable swell I knew so well. In no way was it easy, I was scared, frustrated, inundated, but I chose to activate the strength I had innate. It paid off literally as I was given a raise and am very proud of myself and all is well.

Things will get touchy from time to time, that’s okay. That’s the pop quiz, that’s the gauge of growth. If you never overcome strife, with inner light, how can you be sure the path you’re on is right?

There are a few other ways…

Relax, reflect & release…

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