This Tract I On Leads to Hone St.

There is truth in all things, even deception, mostly deception. As for deception is the most revealing of all. If a man is deceiving he has much to hide. Or so I am learning, lately.
I have come to understand a lot more of the intramural operations of esoteric forces. To understand the why’s?” & “what for’s?” we need first overstand & intrastand ourselves.
Our convictions, our ambitions, our weaknesses, our propensities, our fears, our myopathy, our boundaries, our failures, our strengths, our deepest darkest grimiest shameful desires and everything which adds up to who we are.
Once we do this, we can not only repair our conceptual wounds, but we become impenetrable. Once we aptly see within ourselves these variables we can immediately recognize it in others. Thereby, becoming imbued with such powerful, such liberating, such inimitable infallibility that we strike fear in the hearts of those who are incapable.


We must focus all our energy, all of our synergy, all of our very being on solipsism. If we become distracted, by even the condensation from a breath on glass, we risk personal propriety and adapt to societal stagnancy. 
Distractions, are everywhere. They have been, are now, and will always be. Yet we tend not be bothered by the ones we are not immediately effected by.


Talking Heads
The world is full of distractions, however, there’s only one concern for the Student Driver.
The point, I’m hoping you’ve arrived at already or at least close to, is when we are cajoled in to giving focus to a issue rife with indolence, that corresponds with our beliefs, has an air of mystery, involves a small power/powerless individual or faction fighting the recalcitrant rigidity of a seemingly larger power, provides a mentally acceptable reason as to why subject A hasn’t achieved the same as subject B pitting us against each other, and mostly it gives us something to retaliate against… all because we don’t believe in it and that is exactly how we actually play into believing in it.
Who are the biggest, largest, most proponents of the existence of God?
Atheists. Those who claim to be in Atheism (if ever there was an oxymoron)Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.50.04 PM.png
By building an entire lack of  belief around a belief they don’t believe in, gives credence to the convictions of the pious. Meaning, their non-belief is actually believing there is something to not believe in. In order for the distinction to be made that there is nothing to believe in, there has to have been something for an atheist to not believe in to begin with. They believe in God, by not believing in God. Otherwise, they would never have begun to not believe in the first place because there’s nothing to not believe in!
If you believe in up, you can’t not believe in down
If you believe in hot, you can’t not believe in cold
If you don’t believe in kind, you can’t believe in mean
There can never be one without the other. There is no discerning of light without having it’s other, darkness. It is darkness that creates light and light that creates dark. Otherwise, there would be neither. Light & dark are one in the same, as is, not believing in the belief of God.
Someone once asked me if I believed in the Santa Clause. I answered, “I will let you know if I ever encounter it’s other”
Think of Government in the same way. The government feeds, controls, influences, patrols, guides, cajoles, leads, and condones everything and anything it wants you to want it to want to without you knowing that it knows you know, but it also knows you don’t know that it knows you know. The best way to unite factions? Find a common enemy. The best way to deceive a person is to give them just enough to think they’re figuring out the underhandedness and perfidy rife in the system, this not only keeps the person (s) thinking they have an edge, but it also keeps them in control, in fear, in opposition, involved, and inveigled.
Without the combative contumacious disdain of some, the unquestioning support of others, the ignorance of the proletariat, the insolence of the remaining there would be absolutely no governing bodies at any level above or below any other person, plant, animal, thing, etc…
Because, there would be nothing to dissent from, strive toward, hide from, nor drive forward. We wouldn’t be able to discern ourselves from themselves.
The governing bodies gain much respect and authority when it is openly, widely, and scathingly impugned by a non-believer. In fact, they love it. It gives them more attention, more power, more ammunition, just more more more… and the more it gets the more it wants and the more it takes, by seemingly working to protect and provide.
The point, I truly hope you’ve garnered by now, is none of the anything we encounter matters at all. Money doesn’t matter, who believes in what doesn’t matter, divorce rates don’t matter, no aesthetics of shallow interests matter, nor any college degree matters.
I won’t explain why, I don’t want to become pleonastic. I will simply leave you with this.
There’s only one possible answer to my knowing that the above concepts have no meaning (save for that which we consign to them) and that’s because I know the attributes that truly matter. I know the other.
In the beginning, I said we are truly powerful, but cannot access it due to being too caught up in everyone and everything else, but once we retreat within ourselves we develop the ability to discern and we can then use that wisdom to guide us on the road to the intended capabilities we all desire to hold.
I do believe in that soon I will be leaving.

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