See It. Teach It. Master It.

The three steps to achievement. Supposedly, as human cognition would indicate this process by which we can be considered a success is if we can see something, then recreate the same steps with the same intended outcome and then we can pass on the steps of the process to another, then we have truly, proficiently, sufficiently learned a skill and therefore have mastered a new skill.

Sure. Why not? Fail proof. I mean who hasn’t see LeBron James slam dunk, then slam dunk themselves and then instruct a buddy on the essence of their technique? Of course, that means they’re a legendary Hall Of Fame worthy athlete once they do so… right?

Maybe, depends on what the standards are. Despite, the silliness of the above example, it’s got some veracity to it. A lot of doctors learn to operate or perform mild surgeries in this manner (tracheotomies are mainly learned in this manner) so it’s have to be legit.

Anyway, this got me thinking about a few things that seemed to be going on in my life now, compared to once upon a then. I am just now, as I see it, resurfacing from a decade of what’s been in reality only 3 years of being aware and 33 years of being ensnared by the lives of those which I revered. I’ve finally come to realize that maybe it’s time for me to teach another, impart upon whomever needs guidance by letting my experiences and my route out, provide support, report, and something to go toward.

I saw.

I experienced.

and now….

I encourage.

From my falls may you rise.

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