A-Z of D: The Process of My Ascent & Awakening

It is not my intention to teach you how to reach nirvana or become enlightened or know the answers to all of your problems. How can I? I don’t know you, I have no idea who the owner of the brain soaking in this information or how you process information. I’m not going to batter you with cheesy quotes or unnecessary gloats. This isn’t a guide to happiness, this isn’t a professional doctoral collection of findings and figures that are supposed to lead you to the path laden with vapidness.

All I intend to do is tell my story, reveal my truths, uncover my light and possibly along the way assist anyone in similar situations. My ascension is packed with subjective tragedies that are barely calamities unless you’re me and even then not really atrocities, just intricacies and a majority are fallacies.

How this began? As usual, it all started with a girl. The reflection of every aspect I was in denial about knowing and accepting of myself. I had to fall in love and fail in love until I learned to succeed in life I had to do the very thing which made me grieve. I had to love unconditionally.

If you take any message away from my quest to my best it would be: the fact that no person, no human, no matter who or what they claim to be is anymore special or pertinent than you, nor are you, what we all are is especially designed to shine.

Delve in to find your illumination within this is how & when you ascend.

With that… let’s BEGIN