A-Z of D: Indexed & Jump Links

A-Z of D

Come with me on a journey where making discretionary actions shaped a new way of thinking, seeing, being, and experiencing life. Follow me down a path where lines have to be crossed in order for actions to be validated and worthy. Tag along, as I venture through the synaptic gaps and dendritic reactions that create chemical signals evoking electrically charged sizzling sapphic situations sussing the serious from the satirical, the sad from the sappy, and the shitty from the really shitty. All starting with…

Attract Action – taking and making moves

Entwined souls. Forever alone.

Be! Leave It- knowing while no-ing

One moment in the sands of time to ponder who, what, & how am I?

Choices- Choosing

Facing the chosen path; Sometimes means no way back

Decision w//o Doubt- how deciding to change, makes a difference


Excuses- Getting in your own way

When faced with mistakes, do whatever it takes

Forgive- To get you must give

Start it pretentiously. Ended  sententiously.

Gratefulness- Being grateful makes you happy

Full, feel your illustrious zeal

Hostile- Unhealthy environments

You must drop your weapons, they do not work for protection

I- In Sight, knowing without seeing within

distinctly discerning & reflectively relearning

Justification- Owning my direction w/o rejection

End door to inure. Honestly, I’m pure.

Knowledge- A New Paradigm

It’s not about what you know about understanding the information bestowed


Love loves loving lovely lovers loved

Mobility- Be willing to move on, move out, move over


Neophyte- beginning again and again


Options- open to overwhelming opportunities

Perception- what? how? why? who?/Appearance- physical attributes


Quell- releasing the unnecessary


Relax- Chill, you’ve gotten this far…

Seriously?!- getting it all out (how being treated wrong can sometimes be the best thing ever)

Teaching- like you must learn, you must teach

Underrated- people who are good don’t get deserving recognition

Vivacious- so. much. life

Wombing- Comfort zones limit you

Xray- look inside, literally

Yes- Accept except

Zoning- different zones require different tomes