Be. Leave It.



The way I came to believe in myself was through my full self disclosure. Granted, I had a tremendously positive life foundation from which to build upon, but sometimes that doesn’t matter because I questioned even that.

Wait, let me explain something, before I spew my woe juices all up in your face.

I’m not special, you’re not special, there’s no such this as a “one-of-a kind”. There are 100’s of people like you, probably thousands that look like you, talk like you, act like you or whatever. There are over 7 billion people on this earth. Each time another baby is born unto this world it’s essentially like adding another drop of water to the ocean. I don’t like the term “Special” because it denotes “better than” and gives people excuses to act like-holes. Almost like if you’re not special you’re not worthy!

With that in mind, humans in our own right are special, but as an entire race. Likewise, with water, one drop doesn’t make an ocean. The arrogant belief that you are better than every other human is absurd. Do you think water is going around being all like “Hey, I’m the wettest water yet!”

Let’s do an experiment. (NOTE DO NOT DO THIS EXPERIMENT) go to the top of a building or house and jump off (NOTE DO NOT DO THIS EXPERIMENT) if you do not hit the ground then, you win the title of special.

The point being is tornadoes don’t care who you are, gravity surely doesn’t give a damn, hurricanes should be called “don’t care-acanes!” you get where I’m going with this?

I don’t like to think I’m special, it’s the people around me that make me special. I used to always joke with my siblings there’s a rare disease that we all suffer from called humanity. Think about it. It’s rare. I never met a human spider.

Except Spiderman, yeah we friends! I wonder if spiders have really badass convoluted secret handshakes… I mean they have all those extremities!


Stop thinking you’re the only special person. Your neighbors are special, your lovers, co-workers, the bum on the bench, the taxi drivers! That person that broke your heart, they got close to you for some reason. Everybody is special! We all combine to make something wonderful and we should be treated as such. This is why people think I’m some kid of special person. Well, I am, because we all are and I treat everyone as special as they are. Why wouldn’t I? I don’t want to be the only drop of water in the ocean, there’s nothing special about isolation and there’s no such thing as a droplet ocean… that’s called immediate evaporation.

I say this because when you start thinking about yourself and need to believe in yourself one thing that will help you come to terms with your woes is that you’re not special. You’re not the first or only person to have they heartbroken, their things stolen, lose their job or lose a race.

As soon as you come to grips with that notion other things will begin to fall in to place, or it should become a bit easier anyhow. Also, it will give you a sense of inclusion and you feel less lonely and not as excluded as a result. At first it may be minuscule, but when you’re going through a rough patch minuscule is all you can claw to.

I know it’s not that simple and some cases are extreme, but in a general sense you probably haven’t experienced something so horrid that it knocked you of your proverbial axis. If you have, then I apologize. Please seek help from a professional source.

Each day we humans try to express our individuality from one another only to serve as a way of isolating ourselves from each other. Why break off in to cliques? Certain beliefs sure, but does each side deserve to be condemned for believing what they believe is right as do you believe what you believe is right? Why put ourselves in such agony and meaningless aguish to prove that we’re some kind of special when we all share the exact same chemical makeup? That’s essentially like hating yourself, which I understand some of us do, but that’s because once again we are viewing everything as an individual instead of everything as a whole.

When I began to get it in my head that i’m no better than anyone else, not meaning I’m worse than, that simply I’m no better than. It made it easier to extricate myself from the pity party I was throwing myself and allowed me to see what I was hiding from.

If you believe someone is a bitch everything they do will seem bitchy to you. You know it’s true! Think about it! If you find out someone has a perverted fetish, slowly you begin to notice traits even retrospectively, when you ignored them or they didn’t register at first. It’s like the filters on the picture aps these days, there a bunch of ways to view the exact same picture. Those different filters even make the original photo seem a bit dull when before it seemed great.

Think about your life before you met someone who you eventually lost, for example when my friend of 5 years and I broke up. I was distraught, I was, but I kept thinking about my life before her. i had 25 years on this planet and got a long just fine. All of suddenly I can no longer function? I get that some people become like our habits and our life’s very reason to flourish, but once again that view can be changed, you simply begin to think of that person differently or change the filter on the lenses through which you view them.

You know how they always say “if you believe it you will achieve it”? Well, that’s a two way street. You believe positive you will experience positive and vice versa for negative, but that all depends on the choices that lead you to believe to or not to believe.