Love. Is.



Not painful, disgraceful, ungrateful, distasteful, boastful, fearful, prideful, nor optional.

is… immediately known by your heart & soul. Your ego may be shielding you from accepting it. Or you’re denial is inhibiting your recognition, but you’re being already knows and it will remain below if you never divulge your soul, but if you allow it to grow it will make you lose control, and conceive your spiritual role.

is… all encompassing, free, clear, transparent, invisible, intangible, unfathomable, endless.

is… No thing. A never ending, all encompassing, all knowing, all over, all mighty, all allowing, all absorbing, incalculable whole lot of no thing.

is… not a feeling. It’s THE feeling.  A deep knowing. A concept that has been abused, confused, overly used, inappropriately refused, saturated and defused.

is… the foundation of consciousness, unconditional, unapologetic, perfect and simultaneous.

is… nature-

the wind: Too strong and we’re gone. Not enough and we’d be unable to continue on

the water: Too much, we suffocate & drown. Not enough we dehydrate and die out.

the gravity: Overthinking can cause burdens to hold & keep us down. Not enough self-awareness and everything is in chaos.

the earth: Imitable, irreplaceable, beautiful physical conception of how is expressed as a visual medium. After all earth=heart.

is…often confused for infatuation or lust or delusions, or an egotistical endeavor. Had it been actual there would not ever be one iota of disdain, no fluctuation, no instigation, never altercation and devoid of condemnation. Those are negative connotations to discourage you from finding the love within yourself and sharing it with others.

is… a word to address the all-knowing, ubiquitous, all mighty, vibration of absolute purity.


Love is the unspeakable. We think we’ve grasped it, but it’s unthinkable. We simply masked it and now it’s almost unreachable.

Love is… the connector of all. Of plants and fish of fish and trees of clouds and meteors of people and sunlight of wind and thought. Of time and knowledge. Of infinite wisdom.

is… the same thing expressed simultaneously through every single any kind of anything.


put simply…


Moving on…