Now Add Vice

Back to square, not even one, back further. Back to the beginning, funny how “beginning” looks like “begging”…well that’s because that’s exactly what is happening. You are desperately seeking something or someone to assuage your pain and anger.

Once you go through this process and can be certain you’re progressing towards the best new fresh you, you are likely wondering what you will be rewarded with. The reward is exactly what you did. Making it to this point.


Now, do not misinterpret my sarcasm for lack of gratitude for the process. I just want you to understand what you may experience. The experience is actually the gift. This process is a bit like this.

Let’s say you are chosen to be a challenger in an all out, balls out, extreme, terrifying, survivor style show where you seldom receive praise for any accomplishments no matter how hard nor the fact that prior to the moment of attempt you had little to no experience with the matter. Yet there you are, digging, guessing, second guessing, searching, enduring, starving, all the while the weather is inclement, there’s no one to talk to, you’re cold, alone and scared. Plus to top it off, the little tablet with the map to guide you to your destination got wet while you were in a furious battle with a large amount of piranhas and the only thing the tablet displays are updates your ex makes about their new significant other and how they’re having a great time… oh and then you break your ankle, but you still have to continue your mission…

NOW THAT YOU HAVE dealt with the tragedy and the agony and the vomiting, and the jealousy, and the denial, and you finally see the only thing that kept you going. The truth you weren’t sure of. You survive to reach the end…

Only to begin again.

That’s right. Once you get to the secret destination location the only thing waiting for you is a bottle of warm water with a cigarette butt floating in it, unpaid parking tickets & a broken pair of sunglasses.

You see, this isn’t a journey you survive so you can feel alive, it’s possible you may think you have, but haven’t even arrived. No, this is a way to thrive. Life, is a quest through… not a quest to. Everybody has a specific path they must take in order to absolve their mistakes. Nobody’s experience is exactly the same, but we can all relate. I guarantee the lesson learned through rancorous progression will be very similar for everyone, if they have had the courage to go forth and not look back. Because, that’s the reward in itself. There’s no nice new car or big huge house or sexy new love interest, no that’s never the answer. That’s the distraction that was keeping you from making the necessary changes in order to self-improve. The very same things which compelled you before should repel you now. If they don’t and you return to society and feel the need to return to old habits, old friends, old mindsets then my friend you have learned and experienced, but you have not addressed nor corrected yourself and you will need carefully review the process of progress. Because you have missed the gift you have been exposed to. The gift of courage, knowledge, faith, confidence, understanding, profound heart and the necessary process of ridding yourself of all that unnecessary gunk that has been sabotaging you you’re entire life. If you haven’t changed internally then you can be sure you will be on the next season of survivor and over and over again until you finally see the truth and implement it. It’s the only process I am aware of that every time you must reattempt it is like you never learned anything from before, but you recognize everything and even though you’re not new to this you may as well be a seasoned novice!

You already have the skills, acquired the appropriate attacks, learned to identify the threats, dealt with things you have never even seen all you must do is allow the lesson to awaken you.

That’s a process that could take literally your entire life. Hopefully, it doesn’t, but that is all up to you.

Old issues are knew